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1. Environment

IT products include rare earth metals, alloys and several synthetic components. They are difficult to handle properly. Also, destruction or immediate recycling / burning after 2-3 years of use is not an optimal alternative. By using the products for a few more years, you will help save the resources used to produce new equipment. But all together is a cleaner living environment for all of us.

2. We give everyone the opportunity

Many organizations / companies have a limited budget. For them, cheap used / reconditioned computers mean everything or nothing. In other words: refurbished IT products help to share opportunities !!!

3. Security

Because of the fear that sensitive data will come into the wrong hands, many companies will decide to throw away their IT devices. This is a mistake in general, as landfills and transport by unlicensed companies are in many cases not secure. A company with long experience and licensed software is a safer option that transports and restores equipment in a way that protects all your data professionally by deletion.

4. Part of the money back

The widespread misconception is that the value of IT equipment becomes null and void with the last lease payment. It's not always true. Pay somebody to throw / dispose of your computers at dumb. A computer recovery company pays for every device that can be recycled.

5. A little older - much cheaper

People who buy a newer computer with the latest processor will have to pay a lot more for it. Maybe they need to use the latest software, with much more demanding graphics, such as 3D graphics, etc., or maybe they just want to impress what a professional's look might be. For an average user, however, a three-year computer is more than enough. And, more importantly, it's much cheaper.

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