ThinkPad MiniDock Series 3 Type: 4338...

ThinkPad MiniDock Series 3 Type: 4338 (without power supply)

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Outputs: VGA; 2 x DVI; 6 x USB2; 1 x USB3; LAN; Audio; 2 x DisplayPort

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Fits models:

Lenovo Thinkpad L412, L512, L420, L520

Lenovo Thinkpad T400s, T410, T410i, T410s, T410si, T420, T420 (i, s, si), T410, T510i, T520, (T510 and T520i are compatible with Dual Core models only), T530, W510, W520, W530

Lenovo Thinkpad X220, X220i, X220 Tablet, X230, X230 Tablet

Quad Core models require a 170W adapter!

The docking station is a notebook accessory that makes it easy to connect your laptop to external devices: keyboard, mouse, one or more monitors, external storage devices, etc.

The Notebook Dock allows users to maximize the benefits of working with their Notebook - the use of a larger screen, additional keyboard and mouse during intensive work periods ensures an ergonomic working position. However, you can remove the computer from the dock by pressing a single button. This maintains the functionality of the notebook and the freedom of movement of the user.

Bitboard offers Lenovo, Dell and HP docking stations in its stores. They are devices with a minimum degree of wear. You can get a docking station from us at a great price.

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