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Used laptops

Buy a laptop from the Bitboard e-store! Here you can find a wide selection of lightly used business class laptops from such well-known brands as Lenovo, Dell, HP and Fujitsu.

Business class laptops are fast and durable. All laptops have been thoroughly tested and restored by our experienced technicians at Bitboard's Jõgeva warehouse. All laptops are ready for immediate use - we have installed the Estonian-language Windows operating system and several freeware and daily important programs on all laptops.

Buying a laptop from the Bitboard online store is convenient and safe. For our part, we give a warranty of 6-12 months for each laptop. In addition, we have taken pictures of all laptops. To view the pictures, click on the "original image " original image button.

Check out our great selection below and buy an affordable and durable laptop today.

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