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Choosing goods in our online store is as easy as in other similar stores or even in a regular shop. When purchasing goods, use the "categories" menu on the left to select the one you want. By default, the main categories are in front, which in turn are sub-categories. NB! There are no subcategories in all main categories. When you find a suitable item, add the goods to the shopping cart by clicking the "Add to cart" button. If necessary, you can add a larger quantity than you can see by default. Later, you can change the quantity in the shopping cart, empty the cart or delete the product.


Warehouse information for all products is visible separately for each product. If you enter the product, you can see below the "Add to cart" button text In shop: followed by "JÕGEVA or TARTU". Store addresses with contact information you can find here.


In addition to other information, each product also has a "Add to Compare" button  It may be that you are interested in a product with parameters similar to another equivalent product. For a better overview of the differences, an easy way is to add an interesting product to your comparison. To compare, click the button Compare located below the login and shopping cart icon in right up corner.


A good way to browse your chosen products is to "Wishlist"  This will allow you to review the products you are interested in, later. Adding a product to wishlist does not oblige to buy! It may be that the product added to "Wishlist" has become more time-consuming ..... :) Keep an eye on it! NB. You can add and edit favorites only when you create a user account.


You can change the contents of your shopping cart by deleting or adding quantities to the product or clearing the entire contents of the cart. However, as you move forward, you must choose whether to enter as a  GUEST, or create a USER ACCOUNT. When ordering, you must enter your contact information to facilitate the delivery of the goods to you. If necessary, you can select the "Please send invoice to another address" checkbox and save your changes. NB! Unless otherwise requested, a paper invoice will always be sent with the goods. 

NB! In the middle of an order proccess, changing the web browser does not allow the order to be completed. If a web browser fails to complete the order, you must start the subscription with a new account in a new or another browser. Registered users should not have this problem.


There are currently 4 different ways of receiving the goods. 

  • Getting a Bitboard from the Store - You need to leave additional instructions in the "Leave Message" text box, from which Bitboard store you want to receive your order.
  • Smartpost. When you select it, you will need to select the appropriate parcel machine location from the drop-down box in the selection box
  • Omniva Parcel Machine - When you select it, you must select the appropriate parcel machine location from the drop-down box in the selection box.
  • DPD Courier - The easiest and most convenient way to get your goods or send them to your desired address.

More information on shipping is available here.


Please choose the most appropriate payment method according to your wishes and options. The currency of all transactions is EURO.

Bank transfer - for those who do not want to use a bank link. When you choose this payment option, you must make a bank transfer based on your order confirmation. By choosing this method, you will need to select "Confirm Order" as the next step, after which you will receive an order confirmation for your marked email. In the override, enter the order number in the payment explanation. In case you are unable to confirm your order by email, please call or email using the contact form or your email program.

E-invoice - Institutions/companies can also pay us with an e-invoice. To do this, select Bank transfer as the payment method when ordering, and add the entry "We want an e-invoice" in the comments box and confirm the order. We will send an order confirmation to your e-mail. You do not need to perform the steps related to paying by bank transfer, which are necessary when paying us by bank transfer. We will enter your data into the e-invoicing environment either immediately or on the same day.

Bank Link - A convenient and secure way to pay. When making the selection, you only have to choose "Pay with Bank Link" as the next step, after which you have to choose the appropriate bank. You will then be directed to the login page of the selected bank. After logging in, a pre-filled form of payment opens for payment. Check your payment details again, and click "Make payment" and the Payment page will open, then click "Return to Merchant".

NB! FOR PAYMENT WITH A BANK LINK, Your browser must have installed THE LATEST software VERSION AND installed and updated ID card SOFTWARE has set up. lATEST ID CARD SOFTWARE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD FROM WWW.ID.EE.

Pay with hire payment - We have available ESTO and Liisi hire-purchase. If you don't want to buy the product right away, hire-payment is a good choice. When you make this selection, you will be redirected to the service provider's environment, and the next step is to fill in the application form. When everything is complete, press the "PLEASE APPLY" button. Entering your application will take place in a hire payment company environment, and it only takes a minute or two to get a response. If the answer is positive, the confirmation will be sent to our environment as a payment confirmation and the order will be accepted by us. For more information on hire-purchase, visit Liisi (Holm Bank AS) and ESTO website.


If the entire purchase process is successful, you can get your order in a couple of working days. Usually the goods reach you within 24 hours, but everything depends on the day of placing the order, therefore the goods are marked for 1-3 working days. If you wanted to come to the goods yourself, you can get the goods on the same day, but if the goods are included in our store to pick your item. NB! Order Confirmation does not in any way imply immediate shipment of goods. Orders are placed in processing only after the bank has confirmed payment for the order.

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